Drainage Wells Manager

This device is developed to manage the leachate level in the wells of biogas generation systems.
It communicates via radio to a PC the discharged liquid pumping data.
The work parameters can be defined by using the 4 buttons visible in the photo, but they are normally transferred via radio from the supervision computer, at the time of installation or when required.
The device is autonomous:
when the level of the liquid in the well exceeds the set guard level, the pumping cycle is automatically activated and is repeated until the liquid level returns within the set threshold.
Input ports:

  • Air presence contact,
  • Liquid level sensor 4 – 20 mA,
  • Battery charge level meter.

Output ports:

  • Normally Opened (NO) contact for pump activation.
  • Communication via radio or RS232 or RS485.

The power supply voltage is 12V DC, obtained from a battery placed inside an electrical cabinet and powered by a solar panel.

  • 4 optoisolated 12 VDC or ac passive digital input ports,
  • 4 4-20 mA / 0-10 V, 10 bit analog input ports,
  • 4 relay output ports,
  • 1 RS232 or RS485 serial communication port,
  • 1 169 MHz or 433MHz radio communication port,
  • large display with function keys