V40 Burner

New generation biomass pyro-burner

Yield / Operation:

  • it allows to obtain a clean flame, free of lapilli and soot
  • It is versatile and adaptable to various biomasses
  • it allows the load of biomass without flaking them, whilst creating a physical barrier between the fuel and the combustion chamber
  • thanks to its compactness it can be easily inserted under the oven allowing the flame to get
    inside through a simple extension
  • It is provided with an interface to external drives (start-up via app, load from external tank,
    external accumulator for exhausted elements (vegetable carbon)evacuation)
  • It is designed to automatically discharge the exhausted elements during work
  • Ease of maintenance
  • It is designed with elegance, to fit into a restaurant hall
  • its operating reliability is guaranteed by a careful choice of the materials
  • it is provided with a versatile and adaptable software
  • it is easy to use

Ecology and environment:

  • Dedicated to the use of environmentally friendly fuels and renewable resources
  • when using pellets, it guarantees percentages of humidity which allow the optimization of the
    combustion therefore reduced emission values
  • balanced emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Health and quality:

  • it is ideal for healthy cooking following the tradition of wood cooking,
  • all its features are designed to safeguard the health of both customers and operators

Volantino Bruciatore V40

    • Min 7 Kw/h
    • Max 34.9 Kw/h
  • Assorbimento elettrico all’avvio: 450W
  • Assorbimento elettrico durante il funzionamento: min 120W – max 240W*

* Con caricamento e svuotamento attivi