RS485/RS485 Repeater Opto-isolated

The RS485I device is a fully optoisolated 12/24V dc DIN rail RS 485 line repeater.
Making use of a microprocessor technology, it is completely transparent to any communication protocol and does not require enabling signals to change the direction of data flow (from A to B and vice versa), instead, it just requires setting the transmission speed and the length of the BYTEs transmitted through internal dip switches.
Two signalling LEDs, to check the communication status (TXA, TXB), and a signalling LED (POWER) are visible on the front.
Its compactness and high degree of isolation features allow it to be used in any application where it is necessary to galvanically separate the devices connected to an RS 485 data transmission line.
It also allows to expand the capacity of the balanced line giving the possibility to connect other 32 devices in addition to those already existing.
By not using additional signals to determine the direction of the data flow, it can be easily inserted in existing systems without the need for significant modifications.

  • Power supply 12 V ac / dc 24V dc With AUTOPOLARITY
  • Connection type HALF DUPLEX (2 wires) + GND (optional)
  • Optoisolated RS 485 A input / output with isolated GND (RTXA +, RTXA-, GNDA)
  • Optoisolated RS 485 B input / output with isolated GND (RTXB +, RTXB-, GNDB)
  • BAUD RATE and BYTE length setting via internal Dip Switches.
  • Usage speed from 1200 Bps to 115200 Bps
  • Byte length from 7 bits to 14 bits.
  • Absorption 300 mA at 12V ac
  • Dimensions: H 11 cm, L 9 cm, P. 1.7 cm