Work/stop times controller (for 8 machines)

Our device (model CT9) consists of a cabinet in enamel steel which dimensions are 300x400x200 millimeters, is equipped with a keyboard with a liquid crystal display and a dot matrix graphic printer with 42 characters per line.
The use of the keyboard and the display is limited to setting the date and time in the calendar of the microcomputer.
Each input port must be connected to a contact defined as the status of “machine running and productive”, to be found on a relay inside the frame of the spinning machine.
The connection cable is a simple 2 × 0.5 mmq twisted pair, shielded or not.

Operation is as follows:
when the machine is electrically powered but not operating, only the time dashes appears and not the print trace. During production, instead, a black stripe is printed.
In case of power failure, the device records the instant thereof and then shuts down. When switched on again, it prints the date and time of the start of the interruption and the date and time of the voltage resumption; then, if the machine is active and operating, it will also print the black stripe, otherwise it will continue to print the time dashes.

The width of the paper strip is 57 mm.
At the beginning of the day – i.e. at 6 in the morning – a summary printout of the work / stop times of the eight machines is automatically printed, afterwards the diagram resumes.

  • Power supply voltage: 220V or 110V AC on request 24V AC,
  • Number of 12 V logic inputs: 8

The power supply is provided by the electrical panel of the machine.