Count roving monitor

An optical sensor measures the count of the roving flowing thereinside.
The readable value is continuously compared with the reference value, the percentage difference obtained is printed on paper, into a diagram.
This difference is also compared with a tolerance threshold value (which can be set from the keyboard), exceeding which an acoustic and optical alarm goes off.
There are different versions of the device: single, double triple, either with printer or with writing recorder.
On the paper strip, in addition to the regularity diagram, the end-of-bobbin report is printed with the most important parameters:

  • Average bobbin count,
  • Bobbin length,
  • Coefficient of variation CVT%,
  • Bobbin start and end date and time,
  • Roving output speed.
  • Power supply voltage: 220V or 110V AC on request 24V AC,
  • Inputs: 12V cc.